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Many decades ago, the small desert town of Juniper Valley hosted disturbing events that became legendary. Creatures attacking from trees, people disappearing out of thin air, and a mysterious government agency that tried to put a lid on it all.


David Andrews had always been obsessed with his town's strange history, until the search for its truth killed his closest companion. Deep feelings were never revealed: a love unknown if mutual or unrequited.


​Years later, David and an estranged friend are thrust into a thrilling urban exploration where they uncover one of their town's greatest mysteries. Their discovery propels them on a frantic journey across the multiverse.


​Alternate worlds with vicious monsters and treacherous landscapes aren't their only challenges. Grief becomes manifested into haunting realities. The mounting chaos and consuming darkness must be overcome if they ever intend to return home.


​There is also a chance that David can finally confess his emotions to the same person he had lost...

INVERTIVERSE is currently not released yet.

DERRICK DAVIS's novel is completed, and he is currently seeking a publisher. Artwork and music have also been completed to boast this novel's immense creativity.

Please continue to check the social media pages for the latest updates.

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