The truth behind an urban legend sends an emotionally troubled pair on a frantic journey across the multiverse.

David Andrews had always been obsessed with his town's strange urban legends until the search for their truth killed his closest friend. Deep feelings for him were never confessed: a love unknown if mutual or unrequited.

After being away for many years, David returns to his town and its dark history. When a destructive event occurs, he and a troubled adversary discover the reality of a famous mystery that propels them through the multiverse.

Alternate worlds with vicious monsters and treacherous landscapes aren't their only challenges. Grief becomes manifested into haunting realities. The mounting chaos and consuming darkness must be overcome if they ever intend to return home.

There is also a chance for David to finally express his emotions to the same person he had lost...

INVERTIVERSE is looking for a publishing agent/publisher and is not yet released.


Listen to the synopsis & first four chapters of the novel in the most recent draft, read by the author and enhanced with original music. If inaccessible below, it can also be heard directly at BandCamp, SoundCloud, or Google Drive.

If you are a publishing agent/publisher and need to see the actual text, please e-mail the author.

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DERRICK DAVIS's novel has been completed as of 2021 and has been sent out to agents for publishing. Artwork and music have also been largely completed to boast this novel's immense creativity.

Please continue to check the social media pages for the latest updates.

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